Learn how to start a successful pet sitting business in just a few quick days…

…Discover how tens of thousands of small pet sitting businesses in the US and Canada alone can charge as much as $45 per hour for playing with other peoples pets!

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to start a pet sitting business you have come to the right place!

There’s no doubt your anxious to get started, but before you jump in head first there are a few important things you need to plan for – this way you won’t find yourself in a situation where you’ve spent more money than you can make!

The staff at PetBusinessExperts.com have spent years learning the ins’ and outs’ of starting and growing a successful pet sitting business from own experiences in addition to interviewing and compiling research from many other pet sitters all around the world.

If there is one thing we have found in all our research and discussion with other successful pet business owners is that your success in the pet industry has a direct correlation to precise planning and proper execution of these plans.

That’s why we’ve taken our ground breaking business start-up system and built a sure fire way to get started in as little time as possible to making maximum profits!

There are 4 steps to starting your pet sitting business and we’ve covered each in detail:

  1. Determine the best area to target your services toward so you can grow your client base faster and make more profit from each customer
  2. Develop an outline of your expenses, service offerings, and rates so you have an upper hand on your competitors while still spending a minimal amount on start-up expenses
  3. Define your marketing plan, budget, and customer service and management systems to acquire new clients while snatching up easy money from existing customers depending on your service!
  4. Learn how you can get certifications and/or training on training and handling animals to provide even more value and credibility to your business!

Inside “How to Start a Pet Sitting Business” you get all the little details on how to accomplish these 4 tasks in as little as a day or two!

The best part is that everything is laid out to be a simple as possible – even if you’ve never owned or managed a business before you can still follow our clear-cut simple system to achieve amazing results in your own pet sitting business!

Learn how to uncover the most lucrative areas in your neighbourhood you can charge top dollar for to maximize your profits and convenience!

It’s easy to forget that starting a pet sitting business is more than just hanging out and playing with unconditional loving pets and getting paid for it! You have to remember that in the end this is after all a job, and you want to make as much money as you can!

This means that you need to know what types of people will want to pay a nominal fee for your services, and that you can serve those clients without having to travel far distances.

By figuring out where the best potential customers are located you will be able to:

  • Charge top dollar for your services without feeling guilty or having to worry about competitors undercutting you so you make less profits
  • Be more effective in delivering your service as you can be more strategic in planning your day to maximize your time and ability to acquire more customers
  • Grow your client base faster as word of mouth in your market will spread faster! This means you will spend less on marketing with less effort, while making more money from free word of mouth!
  • Be more flexible in the amount of hours you work in a day, week, or even month!

Technically we are talking about Market research. In other wards, is there enough demand in your potential market to make it easy for your business to survive and grow?

Inside “How to Start a Pet Sitting Business” this is the first thing you learn how to do; determine the best people and places to market your new business to. You will learn everything from how to survey your market to using other businesses to give you info on the market!

To learn more about “How to Start a Pet Sitting Business” click here.

Learn how to define your service offering and rates while spending virtually NOTHING in your start-up costs!

Two of the most common questions we get when people ask us for advice are:

  1. How much can I charge and what can I charge for?
  2. How much do I need to spend to start a Pet Sitting Business?

The first question is a bit more difficult to answer as some pet sitters charge as much as $50 per hour (depending on the number of pets they sit for and unique circumstances) while others charge half that for similar services.

The second question is easier to answer as generally staring a Pet Sitting Business does not require a lot of money to get off the ground. There is however a few things you need to take into consideration when figuring out both. With the proper guidance and information you will be able to:

  • Set rates that are fair to both you and your clients that ensure you are making the most amount of money possible while still maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Find new ways and other services you can provide that your clients would be dying to pay you for — many pet sitting customers need additional service like mail pickup and watering of plants.
  • Determine the absolute NECESSITIES’ to starting your business so you don’t end up wasting your money on equipment and supplies that will either never use or won’t come in handy!

You can see how important it is that you plan for this before you start. There is nothing worse than charging a client too little, then getting busy and asking for more money. By planning this out early you can avoid angering customers while ensuring you are making a fair, tidy profit!

How to Start a Pet Sitting Business” goes into great detail in showing you how to determine rates, service offerings and start-up expenses.

Design a marketing plan that gives your business maximum results while learning how your existing client base can be a gold mine with strategic, often overlooked marketing techniques

If there is one thing every pet business owner needs help and guidance with, its’ developing a marketing plan. It’s not because marketing is a difficult complex topic but because as you grow your business you tend to spend less time working on marketing and more time working on your business.

So the question then becomes “how can I spend minimal time, money and effort in marketing my business that won’t affect my ability to work at and grow my business?

“How to Start a Pet Sitting Business” takes you through a proven marketing system that shows you what types of marketing techniques and strategies you need to consider when starting a business, and how these plans will change as you grow allowing you to spend less time on marketing and more at your business.

You need a system that will give you:

  • Maximum return on your investment of time and money when you first are getting started so you can start making money faster without losing money in your marketing efforts!
  • Confidence that your marketing plan is working and on budget without getting swindled by high pressure advertising sales people trying to get you to spend money with them!
  • A better understanding of how to market to you target audience so you don’t waste your valuable marketing dollars on things that don’t work.
  • The ability to spend only what you can afford on marketing so you can continually enjoy maximum profits!
  • Knowledge of how to bring in and maintain a consistent revenue stream from your existing customers so you can spend less time trying to acquire new customers.

It’s true that marketing will always take up a portion of your time in your business, but you most certainly don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are losing money because of poor marketing and time management.

This is where PetBusinessExperts.com can make your life a LOT easier. Since marketing and business development in the pet industry is what we do, having our guide “How to Start a Pet Sitting Service” will be the next best thing to making money!

Fortunately, that’s exactly what “How to Start a Pet Sitting Service” is there to help you do — make a profitable income through a step-by-step system to starting your business, to maximizing your profiting potential!

Your complete Step-by-Step guide from starting to marketing to managing a Pet Sitting Business can be yours today by electronic download!

There’s no time like the present to start your pet sitting business. As the baby boomers get older they rely more and more on pet handling professionals like pet sitters to help or take care of their pets.

That’s why “How to Start a Pet Sitting Business” is delivered to you INSTANTLY — so you can start working on the most important stuff right now!

Here’s a peek at some of the things you will learn in “How to Start a Pet Sitting Business”:

STEP 1: Market Research
the first thing you will learn is how to research and find people that are willing to pay for pet sitting services in your region. Not only does this give you an instant edge over your customers, you can also start collecting leads for when you officially start your business!

STEP 2: Start-up Budget, Service Offerings and Rates
in this step you will learn what equipment and supplies you need to get started and how to create a budget from sample worksheets provided as part of your learning materials. You will then be shown how to build a service offerings schedule, along with how much you charge for each service.

STEP 3: Marketing Plan and Customer Service
you can’t be successful if no one knows about you so marketing is one of the most important parts of your business. You can also say the same if you can’t keep your regular customers coming back to you again and again. This part of the guide walks you through how to setup a marketing budget, and provides useful practical tips and strategies to maintaining good relationships with your existing customers.

STEP 4: Certifications
finally, you will learn about the best types of certifications to have, and where to get them.

In addition to this well thought-out, 4 step system to starting your business, “How to Start a Pet Sitting Business” also goes into detail on growing and managing your business!

So if you are looking for an all in one, easy to follow, step by step guide to starting your very own pet sitting service you don’t need to look any further!

Because if you act right now you can take home the PetBusinessExperts.com guide to starting a pet sitting business for only $27.00! That’s $20 dollars in savings from the regular price of $57.00!

Everything you will need to start a successful pet sitting service, including contracts and customer sign up forms are included with these 3 invaluable bonuses (free for a limited time!)

BONUS 1: Sample contract for release of liability and contracting of services
Price: $45.00 FREE!

You’ve probably heard this before: get it in writing! Well it’s true – especially when you are operating your own business!

Imagine not having something signed up front and ending up in a situation where you can’t remember what you originally agreed to with your clients… or worse yet being responsible for the actions of someone else’s pet!

There are also other things you could be liable for when entering other people’s homes and property, so having the proper documentation to prove you are actually allowed to enter their premises and carry out tasks is critical!

These sample contracts will help you define what services you have agreed to offer in exchange for the money you will receive. They are also designed to remove liability from you and your company in situations that are rare to occur, but nonetheless could happen.

BONUS 2: Sample customer information forms
Price: $27.00 FREE!

As you acquire new customers there is a need to record important information about them for marketing and operational purposes.

For example, if you want to mail your customers Christmas or thank you cards, you will need their address! It’s also important to retain important information about what your client’s pet names are, breed info, and even special care instructions such as what type of feeding schedule or dietary requirements their pet may require!

These sample information forms take the guesswork out of what information you should be collecting from the start!

BONUS 3: Business Development and Marketing package
Price: $65.00 FREE!

Imagine being able to start your dog walking business with all the essential marketing resources all ready to go? Well now you can…

By popular demand we are including our complete business development and marketing package that includes:

  • Sample business cards (In a raw format you can edit with photo shop, of give to a printer to modify!)
  • Sample letterhead (In raw Word format that is easily editable)
  • Sample invoices (In PDF and Excel format so you can edit your company name and address info)
  • Sample thank you letters you can send your clients after you have completed your services

The business development and marketing package is an extremely valuable resource designed to make your start-up tasks easier and more cost effective. Why pay hundreds of dollars having these items designed when we’ve already done all the work for you!

All PetBusinessExperts.com products carry a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee!

It is our goal to help you become successful in whatever pet business you choose, but we also know that sometimes the only thing that stands between you and success is a quality guarantee.

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So what are you waiting for? Did I mention you get EVERYTHING below instantly after payment is made?

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Christopher Benz

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