Interested in starting a Dog Walking Business, but don’t know where to start?

It’s not as hard as you might think! Read on to learn how you can cash in on this lucrative & booming market and start your dog walking business today!

Aging baby boomers are in dire need of people to take care of their pets as it gets harder and harder for them to get out of their homes to walk their dogs. You can help these people in need by charging for dog walking services that they are more than happy to pay for, so what are you waiting for!?

Starting a dog walking business is not only a great way to make some extra income, but it promotes your own mental and physical health by walking outside on a daily basis surrounded by innocent fun loving animals!

But starting a dog walking business isn’t as easy as buying some leashes and dog treats then looking for customers; it can be quite involved depending on how much money you want to make at it. And speaking of money, it can be quite lucrative!

Did you know that the average dog walker charges anywhere between $15 and $35 per half hour for walking a single dog? And that you can walk more than one dog at a time? If you do the math you can see that starting a dog walking business could quickly bring in more income than you currently make at a decent 9 to 5 job – and you get to be your own boss!

But without proper planning you could end up making costly mistakes, or worse yet, you could ultimately end up failing altogether!

That’s why its important you get the expert guidance and advice you will need to be successful in this venture – it’s important you learn from industry experts that know what it takes to make maximum profits and costly mistakes.

Who Can you Trust to Help Start Your Dog Walking Business?

There are two things you need to consider when looking for help in starting a dog walking business:

  1. Who can you trust to guide you in the right direction to help you avoid mistakes
  2. Who has the experience necessary to give you the marketing and sales tools to grow your business

Without either of those qualities you are taking a huge risk that could not only lose you money, but a significant amount of your time could go to waste.

That’s why we at are so successful in helping people get started in the pet business industry. Not only do they have over 20 years combined experience related to the pet business industry and business consultation, but we also stand behind all of our expert guidance with guaranteed results! We feel that the only way to build a trusting relationship with anyone is to give them comfit in knowing we trust our guidance and advice so much we guarantee that you will be successful if you use them!

We’ve spent thousands of hours developing, testing and rewriting pet business plans through expert advice in the pet industry. Our proven systems ensure a concrete step by step plan that can help you get started with a dog walking business in 60 days or less.

We understand your burning desire to start your own Dog Walking business as your own boss so you can ultimately enjoy the flexibility of your own schedule and financial independence, so take a look at our Dog walking Business Development kit unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before! This strategic, easy to follow, step by step system will help you:

  • Determine the viability of your potential markets so you can acquire new customers quickly to ramp your business income up in virtually no time!
  • Figure out what your minimal start up costs will be, and what expenses your business will incur as it grows so you don’t get surprised by unexpected costs!
  • Outline a list of service offerings as well as “up sell” offerings that could potentially double your profits with very little extra work!
  • Define your service rates so that you make top dollar for your services while still being competitive in your market!
  • Create a marketing plan and budget that ensures you are getting maximum exposure for every dollar you spend so you can spend more time operating your business and making money than trying to promote it!
  • Develop customer service policies and procedures so your clients remain happy and confident that you have all your business affairs in order!
  • Find resources and places you can get certification and training to give your business a competitive edge over other similar businesses in your area!

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when starting a profitable dog walking business. It’s not as simple as writing down a few ideas and following through on them… you need to plan out everything from the start.

This allows you to focus on growing your business and most importantly making money – not running around trying to put out fires because you did not plan properly.

Ask yourself this: Are people willing to pay for your services in your area? Do you know how to find this out?

If you answered no to that question, or you’re not conclusively certain that people would use your service then you better read this!

The number one reason we see people fail at starting Dog Walking Business is that they try to promote their service to people who don’t need it! It’s like trying to sell sand in a sandy dessert. Not only can we show you IF the market is willing to pay for your services, but we also show you HOW to find your target market! With a few simple steps you will:

  • Find people begging to utilize your services. Let the market seek you out rather than wasting all your time trying to scrape up business from people who don’t really need to rely on you!
  • Build your business quickly through word of mouth by finding customers who know other people willing to use your services so you spend less on marketing your business and more time providing services that make you money!
  • Uncover the most effective and inexpensive methods of doing market research to find the people wanting your services so you can save time, money and give you the confidence you need to get started!

As you can see the most important part of getting started in your business is not spending time and money buying equipment and advertising — It’s uncovering the gold mine of people that is best for you to target so you can start making a name for yourself faster, while also pumping income immediately into your business!

We show you how to do this. Everything from how to find customers to the different methods you can use to inform them about your service! Our Dog Walking Business Development kit shows you how to get started on the right foot so you don’t end up scrambling later down the road to find more business!

Figuring out your startup costs for starting a dog walking business

The first questions that come to mind when starting any types of business is “how much time and money do I need to get started?

Determining how much you are willing to invest in start funds and where to allocate that money is extremely important. Fortunately, starting a dog walking business is one of the least expensive business you can start. You can spend very little money and get back astronomical results! With our advice on budgeting your start up costs you will:

  • Learn what the necessities are to get your business off the ground so you can save money by avoiding making unnecessary purchases that don’t result in making income.
  • Lay out all the additional expenses you might not have thought about in the start so you can budget properly with very little to no “surprises” that end up costing you money out of your own pocket.

We’ve thought of everything for you so you don’t have to. Our Dog Walking Business Development kit is the only sure-fire way you can comprehensively cover all your startup expense from a to z!

In addition to figuring out your startup expenses, we also provide sample budgets that you can follow that real life dog walking companies use to make the highest amount of profits possible.

How to Start a Dog Walking Business that offers additional services

Let’s face the facts: You want to start a dog walking business to help others, get away from pushy bosses but you still need to make a living, otherwise you wouldn’t do it. But what if we could show you how to make “more bang for you buck” by packaging different service offerings into your business? When you do this you will:

  • Make more money is a shorter period of time allowing more flexibility in your schedule for additional clients or more time off!
  • Have very little additional work to do by providing services that don’t require a lot of effort, but that your customers are willing to pay for.
  • Increase your reputation and word of mouth by acquiring new customers that may not even own pets who could use these additional services!

If this sounds like a great idea to you then you’re starting to see the big picture here. We don’t want you to work harder for more money, we want you to work smarter! By adding value-added services your profit margins will increase because you are using business sense that makes many successful dog walkers very profitable.

Again, our Dog Walking Business Development kit takes you through all the ins and outs of what types of additional services you can offer to how to present these offers to your customers!

How to figure out how much to charge for your services

When you don’t have a pricing strategy from the start you risk over committing to services and being underpaid in the future. That’s why it’s important you know how to build a rate schedule BEFORE you offer your services to customers.

We show you how to build a rate schedule so you can:

  • Charge top dollar for your services while still offering substantially better value than your competitors. This results in more business and bigger profits.
  • Avoid making the mistake of “discounted” services to early that “set your rates in stone” with your customers. Just like how other businesses raise their prices with inflation, you too have to have a plan that will allow flexibility to both you and your customers.
  • Understand how to run effective promotions that will actually help grow your business as oppose to give a “deal” to your existing clients.

It seems simple when you read about it, but can be quite complicated when it comes time to collect. That’s why the Dog Walking Business Development kit is a cornerstone in ensuring your business gets started with as little of problems as possible in relation to the rates you charge.

How to market your dog walking business with very little costs

I’m sure you’ve heard that the best way to grow a business is by word of mouth; and you are right, at least partially. Good service will always result in the best type of marketing you can get, but it isn’t the only thing you will need.

To acquire new steady customers you still need to put together an iron clad marketing plan that ensures you get the most bang for your buck, and that’s where we come in. We show you how to develop a marketing system so you can:

  • Avoid the mistake of spending huge sums of money on un-proven marketing mediums that will ultimately have little to NO affect on growing your business or acquiring new customers.
  • Learn the tips, tricks and strategies that many successful dog walkers use to get free marketing from targeted mediums that your customers use and will see.
  • Find out how simple daily tasks in your routine can accumulate to mountains of people clambering over one another to book services with you!

If you’ve never had experience marketing a service based business before than it’s extremely important you follow the advice and guidance found in the Dog Walking Business Development kit to learn how to market properly.

As we are professional marketers ourselves, we understand what it takes to motivate people to use your service again and again.

How to deal with angry customers and sensitive unforeseen situations

No one likes to be mad, but some people have a though time holding back their emotions. But this doesn’t mean that they are bad people or that they are wrong, they just want to be heard.

But listening to a complaint and doing something about it are two different things. And what you do about it is what has the biggest impact in your business’s ability to grow and prosper.

We want to show you how to build a strong customer service system so you can not only deal with problems efficiently and effectively, but so that you can also exploit your customers need for great service and make more money! With our help, you will be able to:

  • Build a system that allows you to deal with almost any complaint or difficult customer without hurting your business or name!
  • Learn different methods you can use to maintain friendly relationships with your clients that will help avoid situations that could easily arise otherwise!
  • See how other dog walking businesses use their customer list to make money when times are slow or to grow their business.

The Dog Walking Business Development kit is a great resource designed to help you deal with just about any problem that could arise with your customers. Without it, you could end up losing your best customers and risk missing hundreds of different opportunities to grow you business!

What is the Dog Walking Business Development kit?

You’ve hear a lot about this kit up to this point, but what exactly is it?

The Dog Walking Business Development kit is a comprehensive group of resources designed to help you start and grow a dog walking business. No matter if you are just getting started and never owned a business before or you currently own a dog walking business and want to improve and increase business.

Our customers favorite part of these resources is that they are in electronic format, meaning that there is no delay in getting your dog walking business started. We know the best time to start is when you are motivated and ambitious, not 3 weeks later when a package arrives at your doorstep!

Here’s a brief outline of what is included in the Dog Walking Business Development kit:

Part one on starting your dog walking businessPART 1: The core guide to starting a dog walking business in 4 steps *plus bonuses!:

Step 1: Determine the viability of the market and target service areas.
Bonus: Sample budget ranging from $0 and up in determining viability of a market

Step 2: Develop an outline of your expenses, service offerings, and rates.
Bonus 1: Sample budget of an expense outline for starting a dog walking business
Bonus 2: Additional expenses you may want to consider now, or in the future
Bonus 3: Suggested additional service offerings
Bonus 4: Sample rate budget worksheet to determine your rates

Step 3: Define your marketing plan, budget, and customer service and management systems
Bonus 1: Sample budget for your marketing plan
Bonus 2: How will you get customers?
Bonus 3: Customer service strategies and policies

Step 4: Getting certifications and/or training on training and handling animals

Part two on managing your dog walking businessPART 2: Growing and Managing your Dog Walking Business *plus bonuses!:

Step 1: Develop and maintain your customer relation management system

Step 2: Marketing your business

Step 3: Managing finances

Step 4: Growing your business
Bonus 1: Hiring employees
Bonus 2: Covering more territory
Bonus 3: Offering additional services

This extremely comprehensive and valuable business development package that will get you on your way to starting and running a dog walking business can be yours within the next 5 minutes if you act today for only $67 $27.00!

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Take advantage of this offer on and you will also receive these 3 extremely important bonuses:

When you act now, we are literally going to “give” you these 3 bonuses (critical to any dog walking business) valued at over $135.00!

Free sample contract and release of liability you can use for your dog walking business!BONUS 1: Sample contract for release of liability and contracting of services
Value: $45.00

You’ve probably heard this before: get it in writing! Well its true – especially when you are operating your own business!

Imagine not having something signed up front and ending up in a situation where you can’t remember what you originally agreed to with your clients… or worse yet being responsible for the actions of someone else’s dog!

These sample contracts will help you define what services you have agreed to offer in exchange for the money you will receive. They are also designed to remove liability from you and your company if one of your customers dog hurts someone else or causes damages due to its behavior.

Free sample customer information forms you can use in your dog walking business to save and organize all of your customers information!BONUS 2: Sample customer information forms
Value: $25.00

As you acquire new customers there is a need to record important information about them for marketing and operational purposes.

For example, if you want to send your customers Christmas or thank you cards, you will need their address.

It’s also important to retain important information about what their dogs names are, dog breeds, and even special care instructions such as what type of feeding schedule or dietary requirements their dog may require!

These sample information forms take the guesswork out of what information you should be collecting from the start!

BONUS 3: Business Development and Marketing package
VALUE: $65.00

Imagine being able to start your dog walking business with all the essential marketing resources all ready to go? well now you can!

By popular demand we are including our complete business development and marketing package that includes:

Sample business cards made in Photoshop format – this saves you time and money as these business card templates can simply be sent to a printer and printed immediately with very few modifications! Sample Business Cards for your Dog Walking Business
Value: $30.00
Sample letterhead you can use so that every time you send out a letter it looks professional and unique! Sample Letterhead you can use for your dog walking business
Value: $10.00
Working professional invoice you can use in excel to bill your customers. This allows you to keep track of outstanding bills and does all the math for you when it comes to billing out complex services! Free invoice made in excel to bill your customer for dog wakling services
Value: $15.00
Sample thank you letter you can use to send to you customers for doing business with you. A sure fire way to increase customer retention and get repeat business! Sample thank you letter you can use in your dog walking business to thank customers
Value: $10.00

Plus other additional resources to help you get things created & printed online!

The business development and marketing package is an extremely valuable resource designed to make your start-up tasks easier and more cost effective. Why pay hundreds of dollars having these items designed when we’ve already done all the work for you!

“Our Guarantee: Start Your Business Risk Free Over The Next 60 Days!”

Now picture this:

It’s 60 days from today (or a lot sooner), and you’ve started your Dog Walking business with many new clients — with a lot less effort than you expected.

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Christopher Benz

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