Once of the easiest things you can do when you decide to start a dog walking business in determining if people would use your service is to simply conduct a simple survey.

There’s many ways of doing the survey – the most popular way is going door-to-door, but you could also call people you know by phone and ask them a few short questions that would help you better determine if and where you should be trying to acquire customers.

Some veterinarian clinics may allow you to place a survey at their clinic for a few weeks that gives their customers something to do as they wait – and it’s a great way to build your relationship with the vet.

If doing a survey is not something you feel comfortable jumping into, the next logical thing to do is to determine exactly what the demographics in your city and neighborhood is like.

This could entail having to contact your municipality office to get statistics on population density, housing zones, and even animal licensing if your city collects this information. What easier way could there be than knowing how many people in an area have dogs?

Of course, not every city is going to have access to this information and in this case you may have to get creative. For more information on creative strategies on doing market research before you start a dog walking business, check out our guide to starting a dog walking business.