Starting a Dog Walking Business: Researching your Market

Have you ever wondered how to start a dog walking business but just couldn’t figure out where to start?

In the mix of excitement of becoming your own boss and making  great money doing something you love you may be compelled to jump right in and start spending money on marketing and supplies – but guess what? You may have already failed before you even got started!

You see, the most important part to starting any business is having confidence that there are people out there willing to utilize your products or service. And that’s exactly where you should be starting too when thinking about starting a dog walking business.

The first and most important step to starting a dog walking business can be a bit frustrating and time consuming but you’ll be glad you spent the time once you get started. If you do things right you will not only have a lot more confidence that your business is going to succeed, you’ll also be armed with a ton of information to help you go straight to the people who want and need your service.

And the best part is that you’ll be able to maximize your profitability when you do this as you can target customers who are willing to pay the most, and offer the best maximization of your time. Just imagine having an entire block of customers in dire need of your service and being able to walk all of the dogs with little more than a few steps door to door to pickup and drop off their pets!

This all sounds great, but how exactly do you go about the “market research” phase of starting your dog walking business? Does it make sense going door to door and asking people if they would use your business or are their other ways of finding out if people would pay for your services? The answer is a bit of both, but really depends on your ambitions of what is most important o you – this is you business after all!

Because the topic of “market research” can be so complicated and time consuming we’ve spent a considerable amount of time working other best ways of how to start your dog walking business using simple market research strategies many other successful dog walking business have used for years.

Inside our “How to Start a Dog Walking Business” startup kit we outline the simple steps you should be taking to research your market, and how to compile the information you gather to make the best decisions on what to do next, and who you should be targeting.

Using sound market research strategies may even result in being able to start your business offering other services you didn’t even know would be useful if you didn’t research your market first.

Our market research tips will ultimately:

1)       Save you a ton of time and money in determining who and where you should be spending your valuable advertising dollars

2)      Uncover other potentially profitable services you should be offering to your audience

3)      Reveal markets that your competitors have completely overlooked allowing you to get started with real customers (not just the scraps your competition are leaving behind)

Does that sound reasonable to you? If you are serious about doing things right than it should sound perfectly logical too!

Don’t just waste your time floundering about hoping people are out there looking for your service – make a sound investment by taking the real first step that matters and investing in our “How to Start a Dog walking Business” startup kit and get started today towards building a bright feature for your own dog walking business!

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