Dog Walking Tips – Keep Healthy, Keep Walking

Walking is a great way to keep fit.  It burns calories slowly, but consistently.  As a dog walker this is another great benefit of your chosen career.

Here are some ways to benefit the most while you are out walking the pups, while staying safe and injury free.

Dog walking tip #1: Get a pedometer.

This is a great way to track your progress in a day.  You can use it to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals, or to see how far you are able to go with each group of dogs.  There are many different styles out there, each with different features.  Find one that works right for you.  If you only want to know distance and number of strides for example, base model pedometers are quite inexpensive.  The more jam packed with features, the more pricy.

Dog walking tip #2: Pay attention to muscle pain/soreness.

After a long walk, especially while trying control one or more dogs on leashes, some muscle aches are normal.  This feeling should subside soon after activity has ceased.  If not, make sure to rest and do some stretching.  If you experience any of the following symptoms, they should not be ignored, but addressed immediately with a visit to your doctor.

Extreme Tenderness, Sudden and severe pain, inability to put weight on a foot, numbness or tingling (could be a sign of nerve compression), swelling, extreme weakness of a limb, inability to move a joint throughout its full range of motion.  Paying attention to your body will help you know your own limitations and keep you working pain free.

Dog walking tip #3: Be aware of the weather conditions/prediction for the day.

Heat exhaustion is very dangerous.  If you are heading out doors on a hot day, make sure to be wearing breathable clothing, wear a hat and sunscreen, and bring lots of water.  Know the signs and symptoms of heat illness.  Early signs may include: heavy perspiration, weakness, skin is cold, pale and clammy, fainting, vomiting.

Dog walking tip #4: Insects may be a factor that you have to deal with.  I

f you plan to walk trails through a treed area, wear a hat to deter ticks. Wear a bug repellent to prevent fly or mosquito bites.  Long sleeves and pants provide a barrier to protect your skin.

Dog walking tip#5: Have fun!

Many people blame their lack of exercise on things like a lack of time or energy, but the real reason is that working out is usually not very much fun.

If you can find ways to make walking dogs more enjoyable – do it! Some people prefer to listen to music, others prefer to clear their mind and simply enjoy watching care free animals enjoying life. Whatever it takes, you want to make sure each walk is a positive, rewarding experience for you and the dogs!

Enjoy walking dogs?

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