Dog Walking Customer Service Policies & Procedures

When starting a dog walking business, one of the things often overlooked is what your customer services policies will look like. Have you ever thought about what might happen if you have a customer that is unsatisfied with the way you are performing your service?

It’s not enough to make up your customer services policies for your dog walking business as you go. It looks unprofessional and is a sure fire way to lose business in the long run. The old business mantra of for every one customer you make angry will tell 10 other people still holds true in today’s world.

So what sort of things should you be thinking about, and what are reasonable policies?

These are two questions that will really depend on the type of dog walking business you start, but generally have one answer: the customer is always right. That is, unless you have a contract in place that explicitly states what expectations were agreed to from the start.

The importance of having a signed agreement from the start is vital. It protects both yourself and your customers and ensures you both know what to expect from each other now, and in the future.

We’ve spent a great deal of time and energy in ensuring our “How to Start a Dog Walking Business” startup kit covers how to setup customer service policies and procedures, but also how to utilize contracts to protect all parties.

If you want to avoid uncomfortable, awkward situations when you are starting your dog walking business, then consider investing in the “How to Start a Dog Walking Business” startup kit!