Additional Service Offerings you Can Offer When Starting a Dog Walking Business

Starting a dog walking business is unique in the fact that you are providing a service that builds relationships and trust with your customers. You can either stick to walking dogs, or you can be prepared to offer additional services in advance that many of your customers would be happy to pay you for in addition to walking their dogs!

The best part of thinking about the additional service offerings you could build into your dog walking business from the start is not that you can simply make more money in the long run – it’s that you are providing your customer with these additional service offerings right from the start of your relationship.

This may not seem important to you when you are first starting your dog walking business, but as any good sales person will tell you the best way to increase your selling potential are to let your customers know you have a service or product you can sell them right from the start!

Many of your customers may not take you up on your additional service offerings when they first become your customers, but rest assured if they ever need someone for a job and they know you can do it you will be the first person they will call!

In fact, many dog walking companies have such a diverse array of service offering that you could actually say that they are running multiple businesses!

A while ago we received a nice compliment from one of our customers who started their dog walking business following the strategies in our “How to Start a Dog Walking Business” startup kit that told us a story of how they originally intended to solely offer dog walking services.

After investing in our guide and reading the section on offering additional services she realized there was a demand for lawn care for many of her potential customers so she incorporated some basic gardening services into her “services” and now makes almost 25% of her money through these additional services! Imagine if she never thought to offer these services at all!

If you’re just starting your dog walking business, or need some radical changes and ideas in how you can increase your current dog walking revenues then don’t waste anymore time and invest in our “How to Start a Dog Walking Business” startup kit. It’s full of great ideas on other services you can offer as well as how you can present these offerings to your customers.