Starting and Running a Pet Business

Starting a Dog Walking Business

The most popular business that people are drawn towards is starting a dog walking business. Not only do you get the benefits of a lot of fresh air, great companionship and a lot of fun – it is also generally the most lucrative type of pet business you can get into.

For one, you don’t usually require a lot of equipment or start up expenses, and secondly you can always walk more than one dog to double your revenues. We have some great resources to help you start and run a dog walking business:

  1. How to start a dog walking business free mini course
  2. How to start a dog walking business startup kit

Starting a Pet Sitting Business

While this is usually not as popular choice as dog walking, it can also be a very good long term money maker. The best pet sitters don’t just watch pet owners animals, they offer a full range of add-on services that can help generate a lot of extra cash. Learn more about how to start a pet sitting business.